Letter to the Editor: Mark Bovenizer Asks for Support Hopewell Borough Election

Mark Bovenizer

To the Editor:

My name is Mark Bovenizer, I am running for Hopewell Borough Council for one of the two seats open on November 6th, 2018. I have lived in the Borough for more than 10 years and I am a proud father of two daughters that are in the HVRSD school district.

I was born in Princeton and grew up from 3rd grade to present in the Hopewell Valley Schools. Moving from Minnesota in the early 80s, my brother and I pitched the HVRSD Board of Education to start an ice hockey high school team. Today, the team is a desired activity at HVCHS and is successful.

For the last four years, I have been employed as an Executive Administrator of a private NJ foundation and for the prior 15 years, I was in commercial real estate and owned a small business retail outlet. These experiences have given me great perspective and outlook on the financial, social, and operational efficiency of a small business owner/operator as well as the opportunity to see the need for fair housing within our community.

For over a decade, I have been a volunteer first responder in the Hopewell Fire Dept and Emergency Medical Unit, a job for which I am both grateful and proud. This experience has taught me lessons that I have used to improve my family, my community, and myself.

Since 2009, I have been an elected official in service to the Hopewell Borough Board of Fire Commissioners. As Commissioner, I have enjoyed balancing the needs to support our Fire and Emergency Medical volunteers with the need to control our operating budget. One of the most challenging goals is to plan for long-term capital purchases, such as the recent procurement of the Valley’s new Rescue Truck. For the past 6 years, I have spearheaded a Valley-wide capital replacement plan, maintaining a forecast model to 2036. I believe it is critical to always consider at how current spending may impact future debt burdens and related tax rates. My roles as both an Executive Administrator and public servant have given me the experience to be a fiscally responsible leader for my constituents in Hopewell Borough.

I have attended countless public sessions for the Fire Board, helping to effectively analyze policy versus public concerns.

The primary role for Hopewell Council has several key areas.

  • Maintaining Infrastructure
  • Fair and Even Taxes
  • Smart, fiscally responsible future re-development and affordable housing
  • Long range outlook on capital projects and debt to asset ratio efficiency
  • Working with other public servants on Valley-Wide issues

Being a part of local government should be a role not taken lightly. It involves reaching out to taxpayers, finding out what are issues for our community, taking that to the Council, and acting on those issues, where appropriate. I already am involved with local issues such as education on environmental impact of single use plastic bags.

I am especially concerned with forces within the Valley, namely the PILOT programs that have been approved by the Hopewell Township Administration, which may impact the cost obligation of Hopewell Borough residents. I will bring accountability and transparency back to my constituents. A long-term outlook is desperately needed on the proposed 2800 units.

Lastly, I have proven and will continue to be, a hands-on, attentive, and fiscally responsible leader for the Residents of Hopewell.

I ask for your Vote on November 6th.

Mark Bovenizer,

Hopewell Borough


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