Local Fire Departments and Rescue and First Aid Squads Seek More Volunteers

The volunteer fire departments and rescue and first aid squads from Hopewell Valley have ramped up efforts to recruit volunteers, hiring a public relations firm with a proven record of successful volunteer firefighter recruitment campaigns to guide the way.

Pennington Fire Company (Station 51) and Fire Aid Squad (Squad 151), Hopewell Fire Department (Station 52) and Emergency Medical Unit (Squad 152), Union Fire Company (Station 53) and Rescue Squad (Squad 153), Hopewell Valley Emergency Services hope to recruit more volunteer members.

“We have amazing volunteer agencies,” Hopewell Township Board of Fire Commissioners Chairman Michael Chipowsky said. “The departments are good at what they do, but we need more volunteers to keep doing it.”

The Hopewell Valley campaign begins with the launch of a new website, www.protecthopewellvalley.com, which will provide information about what local volunteers do for the Hopewell Valley and the types of volunteers that are needed. Website visitors interested in volunteering as firefighters, EMTs, fire police, or in non-emergency support positions can fill out an electronic form about their specific interest and an active member of the appropriate department or squad will contact them. The Hopewell Valley campaign also features a new catchphrase: Be the neighbor your neighbors can’t live without.

“It perfectly sums up our commitment to this community, and the community’s need for these organizations,” Chipowsky said.


To arrange an interview with Mr. Chipowsky, please call Kellie Gates at The Communications Solutions Group,  a professional communications firm hired through a competitive purchasing process by Hopewell Township Fire District No. 1 to help the volunteer departments recruit more members at 215-884-6499.



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Mary Galioto
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