Pennington closes 2021 with a fantastic Holiday Walk

Mayor Davy opened the December 6 regular meeting by announcing that the NJ DOT declined to provide grant funds to resurface Fitzcharles Drive, North Riding Drive, and Walking Purchase Drive. The project will be postponed.

Council had considered returning to in person meetings beginning in the month of January. Due to rising numbers of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, that discussion was put on hold for the time being. Council will reconsider returning to in-person meetings for the month of February.

The Holiday Walk

Council member Kit Chandler reported that the Pennington Holiday Walk was a huge success. Chandler commented: “It was one of our best holiday walks.” 

Davy stated: “I couldn’t believe how many people were there. It was so well attended.” 

Chandler thanked the Public Safety Department and Rick Smith for helping with the decoration of the tree. She also showed appreciation to the community at large, “It really was this incredible community event where everybody pitched in.”

Chandler shared that the Pennington Business and Professional Association requested assistance in paying for the additional expense of police services for that night. The cost was $4,000. Both the Economic Development Committee and the Library have committed to contribute a portion of that cost already.

Chandler did note that the cost of the police presence is higher this year than it will be in future years. A new contract will reduce the cost for this type of event in the future. Council member Chico Marciante commented about the high cost of the police services and expressed concern about the fact this was an expense that had not been planned for in advance.

Chandler said she will provide more detail on cost at the January meeting and the Council will discuss the issue for this event and future events.

Retail Cannabis

Davy shared that Council has received a request from a potential retail cannabis establishment in the approved zone on Route 31. The business needs a letter of approval from the Borough Council to submit as part of their application to the State of NJ. 

Davy clarified the request by stating: “We need to give them an opportunity to come in and present what they want to do. Council listens to that and puts up a resolution endorsing and votes on that resolution and they take that resolution with them to the State of New Jersey.”

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