Trenton Filmmaker Competes in Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and YouTube Space Contest with Science Fiction Thriller

This week, Trenton filmmaker, Jeff Stewart released Velocity, a twenty-minute teaser of a former super shero/spy who retires as a protector of the planet, but is suddenly forced into action when her past comes back to hunt her.

Velocity is Stewarts’s submission to Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and YouTube Space’s search for the next generation of heroes and sheroes in YouTube’s “World of Superheroes” global contest launched earlier this summer.

Earlier this year, Stewart collaborated with Likke Studios (a YouTube channel) to create original content.

“By collaborating with Likke Studios, we have been granted fantastic access to not only YouTube’s facilities but their knowledge base. It has allowed us to do some next-level work, but also keep it very grounded in the city where we come from. If it’s not shot at YouTube’s studios in NYC, it is shot right here in Trenton,” said Jeff Stewart.

Jeff Stewart is an award-winning writer/director who studied film at NYU and Temple University. Some of Stewart’s works include the feature films: The Reunion, The Velvet Elvis (Amazon Studios), and The ABC’s of Death 2.5 for Drafthouse Films.

Velocity is a story of a woman, Cassandra “Cassie” Harrison, who has the exceptional ability to control pockets of gravity. The series takes place after she officially retires from being a covert superhero and transitions into a “normal” life of first dates, punk rock, and cooking classes. Her life is shattered when an old associate seeks revenge.

“‘Submissive’ is not a word I would use to describe Cassandra. It’s exciting to see the reemergence of women as action heroes like Lucy or Katniss Evergreen in recent years. I used those women as well as Ripley and Sarah Connor as my inspiration when playing the role of Cassie in Velocity,” said the film’s lead actress, Jensen Bucher.

Jensen Bucher Headshot

Bucher is an award-winning, independent film actress who studied her craft in New York City and Philadelphia. Jensen became a festival favorite after winning Best Actress awards for her starring roles in the feature films, No Footing and Miss December (later picked up by Clerks‘ Kevin Smith).

Contest winners will have an opportunity to participate in POW! Entertainment’s educational sessions with master stunt coordinators, visual effects experts, and professional costume consultants to help create a “super” original look. Winners will also earn a script consultation with Stan Lee and be invited to speak on panels and present their content at Lee’s 2015 Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles.

Part of the selection process requires the public’s participation. Stewart’s YouTube channel and Facebook page must generate a large number of Likes in order to move to the next level in the process. Stewart is asking the public to watch and Like the trailer/teaser. Supporters can view the clip at and The deadline for viewer participation is Friday, August 7, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.

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