Christine’s Hope for Kids Seeks Nominations for Christine’s Hero

Twice a year, Christine’s Hope for Kids, a Mercer County non-profit, selects a child or teen to be honored as a “Christine’s Hero,” a person who embodies what Christine, the organization’s namesake, was all about: being kind to others, creating happiness and fun for everyone she knew, and serving and assisting others who are less fortunate.

Christine’s Hope for Kids (CHFK) is looking for nominations for their next Christine’s Hero, an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, just like Christine did. Some characteristics that make a candidate worthy of the award are: facing adversity or overcoming obstacles, getting peers and community involved with serving others, and consistently and selflessly giving of his or her time and resources.

“Christine’s Hero’s is about recognizing ordinary kids who do extraordinary things to make a difference,” said Jean Gianacaci, CHFK founder. “They enlist the help of other kids getting them involved in community service and giving back to the community. They give generously of their time and talent to help others.”

The notion of “Christine’s Hero” started with one person sending CHFK a letter expressing a desire to recognize a person who, they felt, emulated the characteristics so admired in Christine: kindness, generosity, helping others, getting involved with community projects, helping at their church, just going a little above and beyond. The organization honored that person to be a “Christine’s Hero,” and the concept took off from there.

Along with raising money to help underprivileged children, Christine’s Hope for Kids Foundation promotes the message that each person has the power to make this world better through simple acts of kindness and basic respect.

If you know someone who you think deserves to be a Christine’s Hero, please send either complete the nomination form online here or submit a letter of support. Nominations will be accepted until Nov 27th. Questions? Please contact CHFK at

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