Coyote Sighting in Lawrence

    The Lawrence Township Health Department was notified of recent coyote sightings in Lawrence Township. This notification is being issued to make residents aware of the coyote sightings and to remind residents to take precautions.

    Despite being one of the most successful urban mammals, many people are surprised to see a coyote or fox in their backyard – and that surprise often leads to panic. The good news is that there really is not much to worry about.

    Residents are reminded of the following precautions if a coyote is sighted in your neighborhood.

    • If you encounter a coyote, remain calm and do not run. Face the coyote and be big and loud. Blow a whistle, shout and make noise.
    • Take proactive measures and ensure that there are no human-produced food sources, such as garbage or pet food, bird feeders on your property that will entice coyotes with a quick and easy meal.
    • Common sense tells us that dogs, cats and young children never should be allowed outside unsupervised, whether the danger be from an automobile, another animal, or even mean-spirited people.

    Contact the animal control officer or police if a coyote is seen in the daytime, is acting at all sick or showing abnormal behaviors. Lawrence Township Animal Control (609) 844-7092.

    Please see the attached link for more information regarding coyotes and foxes and measures to take to avoid problems with them link.


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