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Ebola Exposure in Hopewell: Fact or Fiction

by Mary Galioto

I’m sure you’ve been following all the news about Nancy Synderman having violated voluntary quarantine after traveling to West Africa. And you may have read that Nancy Synderman was in the car having someone get her take-out from Hopewell Borough’s own Peasant Grill.

Lots of people locally have been outraged, and that’s understandable. But many people have also been very concerned about their own exposure to Ebola and wondering whether they should patron Peasant Grill or whether the restaurant should close to sterilize the entire facility.

MercerMe reached out to the Hopewell Borough Health Department Officer, Stephanie Carey who shared the following information:

“There is zero risk of transmission to patrons of the Peasant Grill. None of the individuals under this quarantine are showing symptoms, so are not contagious.

Ebola is NOT transmitted by food, by air, or by casual contact. Transmission requires close contact with the body fluids of someone who is showing symptoms.

Quarantine by definition removes people from public contact before they are contagious. It is an ancient, and highly effective, extra ring of protection that works to stop the spread of communicable diseases.

That said, it is worrisome that someone who understands the purpose of quarantine chose to go out during this period. It sends a mixed message, and causes worry among neighbors that could have been avoided.”

So put your mixed messages to rest and get the brownies.

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