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Election Eve Statement from Hopewell Township Candidate Julie Blake

by Community Contributor

Hopewell Township faces serious challenges: we have to make hard choices about how to reduce our spending; we need to intensify our fight to stop the PennEast pipeline; we need a reasonable plan for our affordable housing obligations so that we are not stuck with overdevelopment, congested roadways, and a series of builders’ remedies.

But mostly, we need a Township Committee that will work together to meet these challenges head on.  We need practical, honest representatives who will be transparent, collaborative, and responsive to each other, as well as to Township citizens.  Instead of cooperation, I see a lot of finger pointing and grandstanding.

I am not a traditional politician.  I am a working mom who has no political agenda other than to serve my fellow residents responsibly.  Having worked with families and institutions for many years, I know that the relationships you foster improve outcomes.  Attend a Township meeting, and you will probably agree that government does not work when people refuse to collaborate.

Government is ultimately a question of choices and values; it is about being loyal to people and institutions regardless of the political winds.

During our debate, Mr. Lester argued that we should have more open space because, unlike children, you don’t have to educate trees.  I disagree.  We have wonderful, vibrant schools (it’s the reason many of us moved here).  We value open space and farmland because once it is gone, we can never bring it back.  Mr. Lester’s assertion is divisive:  pitting one group of citizens against another. People look to their leaders for unity — not for false and polarizing choices.

We need to get Hopewell on a better track, one that exercises both fiscal and municipal responsibility, one that recognizes that government should focus on the entire community.

Hopewell Township recognizes that it is time for positive change in our municipal government.  Please vote for Julie Blake on November 3.

Julie Blake, 2015 Democratic candidate for Hopewell Township Committee

5 Fanning Way, Pennington, 609-532-0888

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