Hopewell Township Creates Safe Exchange Zone for Online Purchase Meet-Ups

    Looking for a safe place to meet and exchange items sold on-line? Hopewell Township created an “Internet Safe Exchange Zone” as a meet up location for online purchase/sale items. Two parking spots located outside of the Police Department at 201 Washington Crossing Pennington Road have been designated for this use.
    Hopewell Township Committeewoman Julie Blake shared, “I looked into this last year when I saw that a neighboring town (Holland Township) was doing this. It has taken us a bit of time to confirm with our insurance carrier that we could proceed.  I followed up in April and we got it settled.
    It is a wonderful opportunity for residents to safely exchange items bought online.”

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    1. This was in place long before April of this year. Maybe Julie finally got around to actually verifying that we can do this, but those two parking spots have been used for this purpose for a while now. This has been a great location to meet the “people” who you sell things too, or that you are buying things from, versus having them come to your home.

      There are so many stories out there about people getting robbed when they have others come to their home that answered an online ad for something for sale. To have this spot at the police station is great. You will know right away if the person who you are dealing with is legit or not if they agree to meet you at a police station! If they don’t want to do that, run far and fast!!

      Stay safe out there people!

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