Hopewell Valley Recycling Event for Styrofoam and Paper Shredding

    Hopewell Valley residents are always asking: When is the next Styrofoam collection date? and the Hopewell Valley Green Team and Pennington Environmental Commission are happy to report that it is drawing near! On Saturday, September 16, Valley residents can ditch their Styrofoam and papers to be shredded, as a paper shredding truck will be on site that day. In addition to paper for shredding, the items to be collected will include Styrofoam blocks & coolers, Styrofoam Egg Cartons, CDs, DVDs, and wine bottle corks.

    These items will be accepted at the Pennington Borough Public Works Building, on North Main St (at the intersection with Knowles St), from noon to 3pm.

    Details and Condition:

    • Paper shredding services will be provided by Shred One. Any kind of paper will be accepted, and it is OK to leave on any staples and paper clips;
    • Styrofoam packaging must be clean and solid.
    • Spongy sheets of Styrofoam packing material can NOT be accepted. (They are a slightly different material and can’t be used by our recycler.)
    • Packing peanuts will also NOT be accepted. Instead, residents are encouraged to return packing peanuts to their favorite shipping store where they can be reused immediately.
    • Styrofoam food trays are also NOT acceptable at this time.
    • Styrofoam egg cartons will be collected for delivery to Dolco Packaging, an egg carton manufacturer in Somerville.
    • Old CDs and DVDs will be delivered to Back Thru the Future in Franklin, NJ.
    • Plastic jewel cases will also be accepted if they are empty and have no paper inserts.
    • Wine bottle corks should be made of real cork – not synthetic – since they will be sent to Yemm & Hart, a cork tile manufacturer in Fredericktown, MO.

    All Hopewell Valley residents and businesses are welcome to participate.  Materials should be delivered on September 16 to the Pennington Borough Public Works Building on North Main Street. Note that once the Styrofoam truck is full, no more Styrofoam can be accepted. Check the Green Team website for updates at:  www.HopewellValleyGreenTeam.org

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    1. This is great. Somehow we all end up with a lot of this waste in our homes and garages In between town-wide events it is easy to recycle unwanted Styrofoam atFoam Pack Industries: 72 Fadem Rd, Springfield NJ. There is a outdoor container and a loading dock drop off. Very easy to do!

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