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HTPD responds to three burglarized cars at Mercer Meadows, two DUIs, and fake co-worker scam

by Mary Galioto

Drivers’ Licenses reported stolen
On October 31, Officer Michael Crincoli responded to a Fabrow Drive address for a reported theft. Officer Crincoli made contact with the victims who reported both of their driver’s licenses were stolen. The victims had last seen the licenses on October 17 and October 18, and reported having traveled in that time period. The only items missing from the victims’ wallets were their licenses. There is nothing further to report at this time. 

Debit card fraudulent used for NYC purchases
On November 2, at approximately 1:01pm, Officer Neil Hunt met with the victim of theft/fraud in the Hopewell Township Police Department lobby. The victim reported that their debit card information was compromised and the card number was used to make purchases in Brooklyn, NY. The total amount of the purchases came to $155.95. The incident is under investigation. 

Fake co-worker phone scam robs local resident
On November 2, Officer Hunt responded to a Birch Street address for a reported fraud. The victim reported that they received a phone call from a person identifying themselves as a co-worker of the victim. The person on the phone convinced the victim to purchase gift cards and provide the codes of each card to the person on the phone. It was later determined that the person on the phone was impersonating the co-worker and the incident was a fraud. The victim suffered a loss of $300. The investigation is ongoing.  

DUI in Titusville
On November 4, Officer Robert Voorhees made contact with an individual who had driven and parked on Wrick Avenue in Titusville. Voorhees observed that the individual was showing physical signs of intoxication. Field sobriety tests were conducted on scene and the individual was ultimately placed under arrest for DUI, transported to police headquarters for processing, and later released. They were issued multiple motor vehicle summonses, including Driving While Intoxicated and Reckless Driving. The matter will be heard in Municipal Court.

Three cars burglarized at Mercer Meadows in one afternoon
On November 4, at approximately 5:17pm, Officer Arthur Juba responded to Mercer Meadows for a reported burglary into two vehicles. The victims reported their vehicles were parked in the trail parking lot. While away from their vehicles and in the park, both vehicles’ rear driver’s side windows were shattered and items were removed from inside the vehicles. One of the items stolen, a pair of Apple Airpods, was found near the intersection of Federal City Road and Blackwell Road. The other missing items, which included a plaid Coach handbag, totaled $110 according to the victim. Later on the same date, a third victim reported their vehicle was unlocked in the same location and their wallet was stolen from inside their vehicle. The total loss in this case was listed as $47.20. The investigation is ongoing. 

DUI near Scotch Road
On November 9, at approximately 11:39pm, Officer Ryan Ludwig conducted a motor vehicle stop on Washington Crossing-Pennington Road near Scotch Road. The vehicle was stopped for a motor vehicle infraction, and the driver was observed to be exhibiting physical signs of intoxication. Field sobriety was conducted roadside and the driver was placed under arrest for DUI. The driver was transported to HTPD for processing, later released from custody, and was issued multiple motor vehicle summonses including Driving Under the Influence and Reckless Driving. The matter will be heard in Municipal Court. 

The information contained in this police blotter was provided by the Hopewell Township Police Department, which serves Hopewell Township and Hopewell Borough.

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