Letter to the Editor: Hopewell Township Mayor’s Fake Budget Claims

To the Editor:

In his recent letter to the editor,Township Committee Fulfills Promises,” Hopewell Township mayor Kevin Kuchinski pats himself on the back for his ability to ignore the truth about his risky 2017 township budget.

Mayor Kuchinski says that spending is down, if you don’t pay attention to all of the spending that’s in the budget. That’s like saying that up is down, if you don’t pay attention to what direction you are going in. The 2017 budget of almost $23.4 million is close to 6% higher than the 2016 budget of $22 million, over twice the rate of inflation, and there’s nothing fake about that statement.

Mayor Kuchinski says that he saved $2 million in this budget, which is being returned to the taxpayers. When do I receive my check, Mr. Mayor?  But there will be no check, and taxpayers may have to write an extra check someday if we need to tap into our emergency fund, and the money that we need for a rainy day is not there. Four million dollars, over 34% of our entire emergency fund, was spent in this budget to cover 20% of the 2017 spending plan, and there’s nothing fake about that statement.

Mayor Kuchinski says that he’s made inroads on debt, which must surely mean that there was no new debt incurred in this years’ budget or his budget last year, for that matter.  Perhaps, he read the recently published statement of Deputy Mayor Blake, in which she claimed that the 2017 budget goes “forward, instead of borrowing money this year.”  But that would not be true either.  Mayor Kuchinski’s 2017 budget incurs new debt, just as his 2016 budget incurred new debt, and there’s nothing fake about that statement.

Harvey Lester,

Hopewell Township


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  1. Really Vanessa? Boring? Since when is the truth boring? If it wasn’t for Harvey, and others like him, then the people who do not have the opportunity to go to all of the townships public meetings would not know about what is really, actually, happening. What Harvey said is true, and comes right from the published articles here on this website and the Hopewell Valley News paper, as well as the minutes from the meetings. We read and are told by the township committee that the budget is lower this year, and that there will be just a slight tax increase. But what is the actual truth? I have lived in Hopewell my entire life. I currently live in the township, and since 2010 my property taxes have gone up almost $4000 in 7 years! That is an increase of over 4.5 percent a year! One year they went up almost 7 percent! But we are constantly told via the paper and on this website that it was only supposed to go up about 2 percent a year. How do you explain this? What Harvey provides is another side to the story. Why do you want to shut him down for speaking up? If you are bored with what he writes, and you don’t want to hear it, then simply don’t READ it. You have that option, just like the rest of us have the option to read it if we want to. Free speech and free press is the right of ALL people here in America! I would rather have an over abundance of information at my finger tips, in order to form my own opinion, than to have limited information, so that we can only follow along like a bunch of sheep…

  2. It’s interesting that the former mayor is bored listening to the opinions that are expressed and rightly so about issues to which she was the primary reason for the current state of affairs with the township finances.
    If she is bored she can always retire and find something more interesting to do.

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