Letters to the Editor: Week of November 2, 2019

The following are letters submitted to the editor of MercerMe:

Democratic mailer, did you forget the truth? In their desperation to win election, Hopewell Township Committee candidates Kristen McLaughlin and Courtney Peters-Manning,  as well as their handlers, have apparently either forgotten basic facts in recent history or simply decided to trick voters with blatant deception. To continue reading, click this link.

Support for Herbert and Mason: Upon reviewing the five candidates running for two Township School Board seats, I was disappointed that the incumbent chose not to respond to our Hopewell newspapers. All other candidates shared details. To continue reading, click this link.

Half-truths and soundbites about development on Scotch Rd: I worry about the future of our democracy, when half-truth sound bites spread like wild fire on social media, but the full story takes more time to explain. I have seen several letters about the proposed “truck stop” off 295. This is at best a half-truth, but the full story takes some explanation and does not lend itself to a quick blurb on social media. To continue reading, click this link.

McLaughlin and Peters-Manning earn endorsement of Mercer County Federation of Democratic Women: At their latest meeting, the Mercer County Federation of Democratic Women (MCFDW) chose to endorse ten Democratic women candidates in Mercer County. MCFDW members expressed confidence in these candidates to provide exemplary local leadership. Specifically, MCFDW is proud to endorse Kristin McLaughlin and Courtney Peters-Manning for Hopewell Township Committee. To continue reading, click this link.

Peters-Manning asks for your vote on Nov 5: I am Courtney Peters-Manning, and I am running as a Democratic candidate for Hopewell Township Committee. I have spent the last several months walking door-to-door, talking to residents. I have heard your concerns and what is important to you.  To continue reading, click this link.

Don’t be fooled! There are a handful of issues in this year’s election for Hopewell Township Committee. We have just witnessed a whopping 4.68% Municipal tax increase.  By contrast, Mayor McLaughlin’s campaign carts out averages going back in time in an effort to convince voters that all is well. Don’t be fooled! To continue reading, click this link.

Urban Sprawl on Scotch Rd: My husband and I have lived in Hopewell Township for over 25 years. We chose Hopewell for its scenic beauty and open space. All of that is about to change for the southern tier of the Township. In July, Mayor McLaughlin and the Democratic majority voted to change the zoning on Scotch Road to dense commercial. To continue reading, click this link.

McLaughlin and Peters-Manning respect the past and embrace the future: As the election season draws to a close, I want to respond to a few of the issues raised over the last few weeks. First, the affordable housing plan which was recently approved by the court, giving us protection from builder’s remedy lawsuits, is one that has been developed over multiple Planning Boards and Township Committees.  To continue reading, click this link.

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  1. Unlike some ads that have been placed in the Valley, The Republican party DOES NOT want to deny American citizens their lawful right to vote. I am unaware of any Republican candidate on our local ballot who advocates such an opinion. I encourage voters to examine what the Republican ticket from top to bottom has dedicated itself to confronting and turning around: 1) Ever higher property taxes leading to lack of affordability; 2) A sputtering economy; 3) Unresponsive state bureaucracies such as the DMV; 4) Intrusive government regulation; and 5) An unemployment rate 35 percent higher than the national average.

    The letter invokes Thomas Jefferson as having warned Americans that “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” It was not that eminent slaveholder who is the source for the statement, but the prominent Civil War abolitionist Wendell Phillips who was a leading advocate for equal rights for all Americans, including women, Blacks, and indigenous Americans. That’s a position that I and the Republicans I know believe in.

    Bottom line: It’s time for a change. As governor, Jack Ciattarelli and his team will get New Jersey turned around and back on the path of prosperity for all.

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