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Letters to the Editor: Week of October 22, 2018 (Part 2)

by Mary Galioto

The following are letters to the editor submitted to MercerMe. This is Part 2 of two parts. Please note, election season submission deadlines: the last date for LTEs for the election is October 26 and rebuttals are accepted until November 1.

Julie Blake for Hopewell Township Township Committee

Locally in Hopewell Township we have a clear choice for whom to vote on November 6th. Julie Blake, currently Deputy Mayor, knows how the township functions because of having served three years on the Township Committee. She has experience. She understands the budget process. She knows that the most important issue to most residents is keeping taxes under control. To continue reading, please click this link.

Blake is best choice to shape future of Hopewell Township

In the internet age, it is worth asking whether the influence of shadowy social media memes and reality TV histrionics are eroding the foundations of American democracy. Can a constitutional system designed to better itself through reason and clear thinking survive the zealous shouters and doubters who seek to dominate our public debates? In Hopewell Township, a handful of dogged critics, certain of their views but unburdened by the responsibilities of governing, demonstrates nothing but the ability to attack the way things are. To continue reading, please click this link.

In support of Debbie O’Reilly for HVRSD BOE

Hopewell Valley voters have an important School Board choice to make this November.  It is impossible to know a candidate from reading a short Q & A summary of his/her positions. I write to share my knowledge and experience with school board candidate, Debbie O’Reilly. To continue reading, please click this link.

Support for Julie Blake for Hopewell Township Committee

I am writing to express my whole-hearted support for my friend and colleague, Julie Blake. I first took notice of Julie when she ran in 2015. I was raised in a political family and I’ve had some experience with different types of political campaigns. Julie ran then as she has since served. She ran an honest, compassionate, thoughtful, and inclusive campaign. She inspired me to find out more about the people who serve this community and then to want to join them myself. To continue reading, please click this link.

Pennytown was a bipartisan decision

Over the last few months, some township residents have been using the Pennytown history as a cudgel against current Democratic township committee members. None of the current committee members were involved in any of these Pennytown votes and the underlying narrative is inaccurate. To continue reading, please click this link.

Vote for effective, principled leadership

Fairness and integrity matter. The willingness to dive deeply into issues and determine the best path forward matters. That’s why we need wise, informed decision-making both by residents at the polls and by committee members working on your behalf, to move our Township forward.

The problem is there’s one person who seems determined to sow doubt about what’s going on in local government. Worse, the seeds he’s sowing are hurting you, the resident, by telling you things that are patently and verifiably false. To continue reading, please click this link.

Blake is ally for open space and preservation

Township Committee candidate Julie Blake understands environmental issues and how to respond to them. She has resolutely led efforts to combat the unneeded PennEast pipeline from its destruction of public preserved lands recently, saved at great cost with taxpayer monies and private contributions. She has taken necessary steps to protect our rural character in the face of development pressure in and around the township. She has both the temperament and experience to work with our residents and professionals to help come to grips with difficult decisions on future development. To continue reading, please click this link.

Experience and qualities make Blake best candidate

While it might reduce stress to avoid thinking about the upcoming elections, and certainly would be less tiresome to tune out the news media for a while, we all know there’s too much at stake to do that. This is true for local candidates as much as the state and national ticket. To continue reading, please click this link.


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