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LTE: Fairness matters

by Community Contributor

To the Editor:

In his recent Letter to the Editor regarding Hopewell Township’s 2021 capital budget, Committee Member Kevin D. Kuchinski wrote: “Since 2014, we have cumulatively reduced Hopewell Township’s debt by 20%.”

By using the pronoun “we,” it is hard to determine to whom Mr. Kuchinski refers. For certain, he is clearly claiming credit for Township budgets that reduced Township debt from 2014 – 2021.

I thank for Mr Kuchinski for recognizing the hard work that was undertaken when I was on the 2014 Township Committee and when I was mayor of the 2015 Township Committee.  However, Mr. Kuchinski misleads the public when he unfairly claims credit for those budgets.

Mr. Kuchinski was not a member of the 2014 Township Committee. Although he was a member of the 2015 Township Committee, he voted against the 2015 Township budget, which “we” passed over his objection.

Yet, Mr. Kuchinski is not the only party to engage in unfairness pertaining to his letter to the editor. MercerMe also engaged in an unfair practice in recommending the related letters to the editor that it chose to list. Of those three letters, two were written by Mr. Kuchinski in support of the 2017 and 2019 budget, and one was written by a political ally in support of the 2018 budget. MercerMe did not present a balanced picture of the many letters, including my own, which gave critical views of those budgets.

Especially galling was MercerMe’s decision to list Mr. Kuchinski’s 2019 letter, which was written in response to a letter of mine and, in his title, called me out by name. By not referencing my initial letter, readers were denied a fair and balanced presentation.

To even up, I hope that MercerMe gives this letter the identical placement that you gave to Mr. Kuchinski’s.  For starters, my photo is attached.

Harvey Lester, Titusville

Response from the Editor: Please note that traditional letters to the editor are given different placement as a matter of MercerMe policy. Communication submitted from elected officials on municipal matters are categorized as “From the Towns.” Traditional letters to the editor are categorized as “Letters to the Editor.” Both sections are highlights on MercerMe’s homepage and main menu. Thank you for reading, submitting your comments, and continuing a community dialogue. It takes a village!

Sincerely, Mary Galioto

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