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LTE: HVHS Statement on Hollystone Manor

by Community Contributor

Dear Editor:

The Trustees of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society want to share with the Hopewell Valley community its December 2022 letter regarding the “The Hopewell” boutique hotel Use Variance application submitted to the Hopewell Township Zoning Board. It and the associated October 2022 Hopewell Township Historic Preservation review letter can be found on the HVHS website homepage: www.hopewellvalleyhistory.org.

Thank you,
Daniel Pace, Secretary, HVHS

December 26, 2022

Eric Hatke, Chair Hopewell Township Zoning Board of Adjustment
201 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd.
Titusville, NJ 08560
(via email to Amanda Bregenzer, HT Community Dev. Secretary, for distribution)

Re: “The Hopewell” -ZB Case #22-11
Block 133, Lot 14.01 – 29 Fiddlers Creek Road

Dear Mr. Hatke:

Trustees of The Hopewell Valley Historical Society (HVHS) at their December 13, 2022 meeting agreed to support the review letter submitted by the Hopewell Township Historic Preservation Commission (HTHPC) on the subject application before the Zoning Board.

Please add this expression of support to the public comments received on the application.

In addition, should the application be approved by the Board, the HVHS requests that a condition be imposed allowing representatives from the HVHS, and from the HTHPC, should they so desire, to photographically document the exterior and interior of the historic structures on the property.

Daniel Pace, Secretary
Hopewell Valley Historical Society

Cc. Hopewell Township Historic Preservation Commission, Chair and Vice-Chair via email

Editor’s note: for ease of reading, we converted the PDF sent to us to Wordpress-friendly text. As Mr. Pace mentioned, you can find both the original letter and the Hopewell Township Historic Preservation Commission letter it supports here.

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