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Mercer County Clerk Announces Foreclosure Resources and Information

by Community Contributor

Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello is dedicated to supporting residents through challenging times, particularly those facing foreclosure. In light of the growing concerns surrounding foreclosures, the County Clerk is pleased to provide some valuable resources and information to empower individuals and families within our community.

The Mercer County Clerk’s office is the official record keeper of all Notices of Lis Pendens. A Notice of Lis Pendens is the document that is recorded before property goes into the foreclosure process. When this notice is received at the Mercer County Clerk’s office, a letter is immediately sent to the owner of that property notifying them that their house will be going into foreclosure to give the resident an opportunity to take steps save their property.

For Those Currently in Foreclosure:

We recommend you contact the Office of the Courts Foreclosure Mediation Hotline at 888-989-5277 or visit Foreclosure Self-Help | NJ Courts. This program offers access to housing counselors and trained mediators to assist in resolving foreclosure actions and establishing affordable mortgage arrangements. Explore Federal and State Mortgage Modification Programs, which are available at no cost for information and assistance.

For Those Not Yet in Foreclosure:

If you’re currently struggling to make mortgage payments, contact your mortgage servicer immediately to discuss your situation and explore available options. Seek assistance from a HUD-certified housing counseling agency in your county. Act promptly; early intervention provides more options for resolution. For more information on avoiding foreclosure please visit Avoiding Foreclosure | HUD.gov / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams:

Assistance for foreclosure-related issues should not come with a fee. Be cautious of organizations or individuals requesting payment for housing counseling or loan modifications. Avoid signing over property deeds without direct involvement from your mortgage company, and only submit mortgage payments directly to your mortgage company, unless otherwise instructed. The Clerk’s Office offers a hot line where you can call us for referral to law enforcement, if you believe you have been victimized at 609-989-6466.

Reporting Mortgage-Related Fraud:

Victims of mortgage-related fraud are encouraged to report incidents to the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs by calling the toll-free hotline at 1-800-242-5846 or visiting New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (njconsumeraffairs.gov). Legal Services of New Jersey also offers representation at no cost to low-income homeowners who have been misled or taken advantage of by lenders.

Additional Resources: The New Jersey HomeKeeper Program provides financial assistance to homeowners facing imminent foreclosure due to unemployment or underemployment. Contact (855)-NJ-KEEP-1 or visit www.njhomekeeper.gov for eligibility details. The New Jersey Judiciary Foreclosure Mediation Program offers housing counselors, mediators, and legal aid to homeowners in foreclosure. Call 888-989-5277 or visit Foreclosure Self-Help | NJ Courts to enroll. The National Foreclosure Mitigation Program also provides pre-foreclosure counseling and assistance.

“Mercer County’s foreclosure rate remains steady and will likely continue as the cost of living rises. Therefore, we must work together to fight the battle on foreclosure. My office along with other Mercer County Officials will do everything we can to assist constituents when their house is in foreclosure,” according to Sollami Covello.

Facing foreclosure can be a daunting experience, but it’s essential to remember that help is available. Whether you’re seeking legal assistance, financial support, or educational resources, our office remains committed to assisting residents in preserving their homes and financial stability. For more information, please visit Foreclosure Assistance | Mercer County, NJ or contact the County Clerk’s Office at 609-989-6465.

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