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Mommy Mayor: Open House

by Cathleen Lewis

When people ask me why I ran for office, there are a few policy points I generally make, but the largest reason is philosophical: I want people to know that their government is accessible to them because it doesn’t matter how many good things we, as elected officials do, if people don’t know about it.

And secondly I want everyone to think that elected office is about helping people and that everyone should have a representative at the table. I especially want young girls to see it as an option – no one should think that representing your friends and neighbors is a job left to someone else. Governments work best when everyone is represented – that means men and women, young families and retirees and everyone in between.

When I started this column, it was to help show people that government wasn’t just for men, or the wealthy, or for those whose families were well-established and grown. When I started this column, I hoped the human side of being a “Mommy Mayor” would not scare off people from the crazy that is my life, but would encourage more people to take a risk and jump in.

So, now I am literally throwing the doors of Town Hall open. On April 11th the Lawrence Town Hall will be holding an Open House from 10 am – 2pm.

The Open House will showcase all the great work that our dedicated staff is doing for the Township. Join us to find out about the great programs you can find through our Recreation Department or to learn about all the wonderful trails and open space in our community.

Bring your kids for our “Touch a Truck” and get to climb aboard one of our Public Works Vehicles. Take a few minutes to see how our Police Department’s new in-vehicle camera works. Learn about some Lawrence history by exploring our new mural highlighting some of the town’s most significant moments.

Township staff will be on hand to answer questions and to help you with any of the services you might need. You can even sign up for our new Curbside Organic Waste program.

I’m excited about April 11th. I hope it brings residents a better understanding of what the Township does for them and hopefully residents bring some new ideas for how we can better serve everyone.

And since I’m throwing the doors open to Town Hall, I thought it would be a good time to throw them open here at Mommy Mayor too! So, ask me some questions in the comments below and I’ll do a Mommy Mayor column to answer questions or address topics that you want to hear about.

I can’t wait to hear from our residents and our readers!



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