Mosquito Control Spraying in Mercer for August 30

Mercer County announced specific locations in Mercer County to expect mosquito spraying on August 30, 2019.

The County indicates that the office maintains no regular “spraying schedule” or “spraying list.” These applications are only conducted in specific areas when deemed absolutely necessary and under the appropriate environmental conditions. These applications are done in order to bring mosquito populations to tolerable levels or to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne disease.

Truck-Mounted ULV Adulticide Application

Date: August 30, 2019 (Weather Permitting)

Timing: between 12 a.m. – Sunrise 

ProductZenivex E4


Veterans Park Area 
Abbott Rd Area 
Limewood Dr Area 
Allen St Area

Shinney Ln Area 
Bakers Basin Rd Area

West Windsor 
Village Rd W. Area 
Mercer County Park Area

East Windsor 
Rocky Brook Rd Area 
Oak Branch Rd Area 
Fulham Way Area 
Twin River Dr. N. Area 
Cornwall Dr / Dorchester Dr Area 
Lincoln Ave Area 
Oak Ln Area

Annie Ln Area

Harding St / Lanning St / Broad St / Main St Area

Julia Ave Area 
Centre St Area 
Edgewood Ave Area

Rosedale Park Area

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