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Pennington Police Blotter: Flash flood hits RT31, gunshot wound puzzles authorities, high capacity magazines found in Pennington residence

by Mary Galioto

The following was provided by the Pennington Police Department which serves Pennington Borough:

Altercation at Pennington residence leads to arrest
On June 3, at approximately 3:34pm SFC Burroughs and Officer Marone responded to a residence located on West Delaware Ave for a report of a 9-1-1 hang-up call with screaming in the background. Upon the arrival of the officers, they were able to hear shouting coming from inside the residence. SFC Burroughs and Officer Marone made contact with the involved parties and separated them. Further investigation determined that there was a physical altercation that took place and the male actor was placed under arrest for aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

Three high capacity magazines and firearms found at Pennington residence
On July 5, at approximately 8am P.O. D’Ascoli along with several other Pennington Police Officers responded to a North Main Street address to conduct a search of the residence for another police agency. The warrant was for the seizure of any and all weapons that the accused may have. The search of the residence rendered several firearms and three (3) high-capacity magazines. These firearms were legally owned and the subject was charged accordingly for the high-capacity magazines. The accused was cooperative through-out search.

Fireworks create “explosive” situation at portable toilet in Kunkel Park
On July 6, at approximately 10:49am SFC Thomas was detailed to Kunkel Park on King George Road for the report of criminal cischief. SFC. Thomas arrived on location and was met by the Superintendent of Public Works Rick Smith. Smith explained and showed to SFC Thomas that there were fireworks set off in the Porto-Potty causing damage to the floor and interior of the structure. Hopewell Valley Emergency Services were notified and the investigation is on-going. 

Mischief-maker paints traffic sign
On July 10, at approximately 1pm Officer D’Ascoli responded to West Delaware Avenue for the report of Criminal Mischief. A member of the Pennington Borough Public Works Department reported the yellow traffic sign with the words “TRAFFIC LIGHT AHEAD” in the area of 142 West Delaware Avenue had been spray painted.

Man suffering gunshot wound shows up at Pennington Square Shopping Center
On July 10, at approximately 2pm Officer D’Ascoli responded to the rear parking lot of 7 Route 31 North at the Pennington Square Shopping Center for the report of a suspicious person. Upon arrival, Officer D’Ascoli spoke to a male individual who stated that he arrived at this location after taking the bus from an unknown location. The subject told officer D’Ascoli the he had suffered a gunshot wound but could not remember where or when it had happened. After further investigation it was determined, the subject needed to be transported to the hospital for further medical evaluation.

Flash flood disables two vehicles on RT31
On July 15, at approximately 4:45pm, Officer D’Ascoli along with the Pennington Borough Fire Department and the Pennington Borough Public Works Department responded the intersection of West Delaware Ave and Route 31 for a water rescue due to a flash flood event. The report was for two vehicle that had driven into high water and became disabled. All responding units arrived on location and found that all of the vehicles’ occupants were out and on safe ground.

(Photo credit: Peter Tierney)

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