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Playing Pokemon Go at Mercer County Parks and Facilities

by MercerMe Staff

The following is a message from the Mercer County Park Commission:

The Mercer County Park Commission reminds all park visitors that while we welcome everyone to play Pokémon Go at all of our parks and facilities we ask that everyone follow the rules.

All parks are open from sunrise to sunset and each facility has specific operating hours that should be followed at all times; admittance to the parks and a facility after they are closed is not allowed. We ask that you observe all park rules and regulations and be mindful of those around you and your surrounding area, as some facilities have animals on premise and disturbing them is prohibited. All rules and regulations are published on our website, www.mercercountyparks.org.

For information about the County of Mercer visit http://nj.gov/counties/mercer/ and for more information about the Mercer County Park Commission, visit http://mercercountyparks.org/.

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