Soil Remediation Underway at Lawrence Township Public Schools


    Contaminated soil from “Field 5,” a 10’×10’ area located at Lawrence Middle School, has been removed, ahead of schedule.  As reported by MercerMe, this site and the five others located behind the high school parking lot, were found to have higher than allowable levels of the carcinogen, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The district hopes to begin the remainder of cleanup efforts by June 30.

    Prestige Environmental Inc.’s cleanup cost estimate, $60,000, “is staggeringly low”, according to Thomas Eldridge, Business Administrator/Board Secretary. Though the district has questions about the inclusivity of all components needed for the remediation (ie. sod, professional services), they feel confident that the final cost will be lower than originally predicted.

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    Angela Jacobs
    Angela Jacobs is a freelance writer who lives in Hopewell Township with her teenaged children and partner of 20 years. Despite her best efforts to simplify her life, last year she added four chickens and a second rescue dog to her pet menagerie. Unfortunately, an interim of peaceful coexistence ended with the untimely demise of two of the chickens at the paws of Jax, the new dog. An egregious lack of impulse control has since been diagnosed resulting in an indefinite separation of Jax from all present and future chickens, her two cockatiels, open garbage cans, snacks open on tables, abandoned stuffed animals, etc. She does however gently encourage him toward a certain industrious squirrel that has spelunked its way through her backyard in search of the most perfect hiding spot for its nuts.


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