Some voting machines not working – alternative is manual votes

Mercer County Paula Sollami Covello noted on her Facebook page this morning: “There is a glitch with the Dominion scanners. Voters can still vote by completing their ballots and placing them in the top of the scanning machine in the slot where the emergency ballots are placed. Everyone can vote manually, so rest assured no one will be disenfranchised.”

All three Hopewell Valley municipal clerks – in Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, and Pennington Borough – confirmed that all sites are having some difficulty.

Hopewell Borough Clerk Michele Hovan explained further: “The issue is with the Dominion scanners so we (all) are utilizing the secondary (emergency) method (there is a slot on top of the scanner) to vote manually using the official ballots. The County Clerk is working with Dominion and other IT professionals to fix the problem. We are told there may be a slow(er) results-counting process but that is all.”

Sollami Covello explained the safety of the Dominion voting machines last year, (here) indicating that they utilize paper ballots, which are scanned, ensuring better security than an electronic vote.

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