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Support for Ruger and Kuchinski

by Community Contributor

To the Editors,

After their electoral failure in November 2022, Jenn DiDonato and Dan Hanley are back again as the Republican candidates for Hopewell Township Committee.  Their campaign seems as superficial as ever, consisting mainly of photographs of each candidate in front of the flag, in front of the Hopewell Township Police crest, and in front of a Ballot drop box.

DiDonato and Hanley fail to offer any details on why they want to run for office, and what they hope to accomplish if they are elected.  Government to them seems to be a series of silly outfits and patriotic poses, instead of explaining and demonstrating any thoughtful planning out of what their vision would be as the elected officials for Hopewell Township. 

I appreciate the steady leadership of Mayor Michael Ruger and Township Committee member Kevin Kuchinski. I appreciate that they have personally fought the Penn East pipeline all the way up to the Supreme Court. They have also assisted the seniors in Hopewell ensuring that meals were still served while the senior center was closed as they worked on making the construction of our new senior center a reality. Both Ruger and Kuchinski have been instrumental in obtaining a $1 million dollar grant from the Federal Government to complete the Lawrence Hopewell Trail. From finding new tax revenues to expanding our open space, they have done the hard work of improving life in Hopewell Valley.

Please join me in voting for Ruger and Kuchinski this fall!

Lisa Rizziello

Hopewell Township 

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