The Peasant Grill Rumor Mill Getting Hot

Social media has definitely been abuzz about the move of Amy Karyn Home Collection from her location that was, at one point, considered for the future home of the Hopewell Public Library, to the old Sunoco Station just a block down the street on East Broad.

Related to the public interested of this move, there has been some speculation about a potential move of Hopewell Borough’s The Peasant Grill, currently at 21 East Broad Street in Hopewell Borough == possibly to the old home of Amy Karyn.

“We’ve heard the rumors too,” joked The Peasant Grill owners Barry and Michelle Klein.

While Barry might be a bit cagey about move details, he admitted that The Peasant Grill has long outgrown its current location and is looking forward to an inner-Borough move in the (near?) future.

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