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Community and senior center plans developing in Hopewell Valley

by Mary Galioto

The Hopewell Township Committee announced recently that it will be moving forward with plans for a community center. At the December 14 meeting, the Committee approved a resolution to contract with Spiezle Architectural Group, Inc. for preliminary architectural and engineering design services for the “Hopewell Valley Senior + Community Center,” according to the agenda. Procedurally, Spiezle will be compiling community input before they form a plan, said Committee member Julie Blake. 

“It will be a pointed, specific, and detailed look at what the community needs… [Spiezle] is tasked with developing a program — which means they need to know what will go into the building, based on what the community finds important,” said Hopewell Township mayor, Kristin McLaughlin.

“There’s lots of opportunity for community outreach and community voices to be heard,” said McLaughlin. “That’s what attracted us to their bid — the involvement in the community. We’re really excited about this.”

The facility ideally will serve the entire Hopewell Valley community as well as specific services for the seniors in the community.

“Seniors have expressed the need for more space and, in a way, that is efficient and not a tax burden,” said Committee member Kevin Kuchinski, who explained that a potential solution is for seniors to use a flexible space that can serve community groups’ needs in the evenings. “Speizle will be working to program a space that can be multi-purpose.To move from dream to reality there will be work in the months ahead as we continue the discussion with the community working toward something that works for all residents.”

For those who want to be involved in the process, Mark Kataryniak, Township Community Development Director, Engineer, and Zoning Officer, explained that the initial planning phase is community outreach. The Township has already identified a series of stakeholders who will coordinate the creation of a working group representing various groups of citizens in the community. 

“I think the end product will be something all of us will be proud of,” said Deputy Mayor Michael Ruger.

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