COVID-19 advice from a frequent flyer

Pro travel tip! Like many people I know, I had purchased tickets to fly before the COVID-19 mess. My flight was cancelled by the airline which was sad but totally expected and understandable. I wasn’t able to request a refund on the site so I called customer service. After waiting an hour on hold I was told that a refund would not be possible and that I would need to accept a travel voucher instead.

The customer service agent was pleasant but firm that a refund was not going to be possible Clearly he had his orders and there was no use arguing. So, we ended the call and I did some research. As common sense would dictate, I discovered that by law if the airline cancels your flight, it doesn’t matter what kind of ticket you bought, you are eligible for a full refund. I then discovered that I could submit a complaint to the US. Department of Transportation.

To be honest, I had low hopes of anything happening in the short or long term, but it seemed worth a try. To my great surprise within a few days I received an email from an actual person stating that my complaint was passed on to the airline for resolution. As quickly as I had gained hope, I lost it again. Then, after about a week I received an email from the airline stating that they would issue a full refund.

I’m sharing this in the hope that if you’re in a similar situation you’ll be able to get your money back too. Good luck travelers!

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