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Emergency Bridge Repairs, Retiring Police Officer and Redevelopment in Hopewell Township

by Madeline Ference

The Hopewell Township Committee discussed emergency road repairs, upcoming redevelopment issues, and monetary resolutions, and accepted retirement for Lt. Christopher H. Kasick at its January 22 meeting.

Mayor Kristin McLaughlin announced to the Committee and public in attendance that she was informed earlier Monday about an emergency repair to the Pennington Rocky Hill Bridge over the Stony Brook. A sign alerting residents about the repairs was abruptly placed on the road Monday because the bridge was deemed structurally deficient by Mercer County. Mayor McLaughlin reported that it needed immediate repair, and since it is a Mercer County road, she has no jurisdiction over the decision.

“The sign went up today and an announcement went out- starting February 11 for approximately ninety days that bridge is going to be closed,”said Mayor McLaughlin.

The Committee also approved the acceptance of Lieutenant Christopher H. Kasick from the Hopewell Township Police Department, effective February 1.

“This is obviously exciting for Lt. Kasick, and sad for the Township. We’ll all miss his smile and his deep concern for the residents of Hopewell Township,” said Mayor McLaughlin.

Kasick was appointed as a police dispatcher to the HTPD in 1994, and quickly moved up the ranks in the following years. In 1996, he was promoted to patrolman and, in 2011, he was again promoted to Sergeant. Just three years later, in 2014, he was promoted to Lieutenant of the HTPD.

“I really am grateful for his service and his good cheer. He’s always been a wonderful person to work with,” said Committee member Julie Blake.

The Committee also approved budgetary resolutions, and hinted at a redevelopment discussion at next week’s meeting.

“We’ll be talking redevelopment plans,” said Committee member John Hart. “So you’ll all want to be there.”

The Committee’s next meeting is scheduled for January 28 at 7pm in the Hopewell Township Municipal Auditorium.


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