Farm animals enliven Monday morning commute

Traffic came to a standstill around 9am on Bear Tavern Road this morning while a particularly beautiful llama and a sheep scampered back and forth in front of Janssen Pharmaceutical.

The caper came to a halt when a truck containing a trailer full of other farm animals drove up and herded them off the road to a residence. The driver was not available for comment. Traffic quickly cleared.

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Amie Rukenstein
Amie Rukenstein is a very curious and enthusiastic resident of Hopewell Township who can never let a question go unanswered. Amie lives in Titusville with her husband, Ron, and numerous pets. She vastly enjoys frequent visits from her college-age children and their friends. In most aspects of her life, including with her new role at MercerMe, Amie is an organizer. With a full-time job and as a member of several non-profit organizations, she finds herself most often with her laptop open and excel and google on the screen. She does, however, leave the computer as often as possible to hike in Washington Crossing Park. Amie and Ron recently purchased what appears to be the oldest structure in Titusville. Known as The Titus Store at the corner of Church and River Drive and abandoned for 20 years, they look forward to restoring the building to its former glory.

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