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Tanya D, The Peace We Crave

The Peace We Crave was started in 2019 with a single goal in mind: provide help and serenity to those affected by addiction. Located in the Straube Center on Route 31, 

Tanya (who is called “Tanya D.”) founded The Peace We Crave and offers transformational services including energy healing, meditation, and spiritual life coaching, from someone who’s gone through it too.

Tanya knows, firsthand, that these modalities are critical to her own addiction recovery and now works with individual clients on their journey to sobriety. In recovery herself, she offers a unique holistic approach to finding freedom in recovery through trauma-sensitive chakra/12-step focused meditation, chakra energy healing, and spiritual life coaching.

“All of what I’m doing has to do with what I went through,” Tanya explained. “I need peace in my life. I need serenity. I have my own self-Reiki and meditation practice that I do. I do these practices because I want that in my life and I want to keep my sobriety.”

Tanya is a Certified meditation instructor, Usui/Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master, Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Practitioner, Animal Reiki practitioner, Certified spiritual life coach, and Yoga4Sobriety Teacher Ambassador. Her services are carefully tailored to her clients’ needs — from physical to emotional. 

“Everything is energy. When you take a balloon and rub it on something and get that static electricity — that’s energy — it is all around us; We’re all energy… People come in with very specific health issues or emotional issues — I don’t like the word issues — but it is specific and personal,” Tanya said. 

When it comes to energy, Tanya focuses also on creating a safe and comfortable environment for her clients and it shows upon first meeting her.

“I try in my meditation classes and reiki sessions — and even in my life —  to make sure that everybody feels like they are in a safe space, that they feel comfortable and welcome. They can say whatever they need to say and it won’t leave the walls of the room.”

Tanya’s clients each discover a way to settle into their own peace: “I had my first in person Reiki session with Tanya. It was a positive experience. I felt very relaxed during and afterwards. I’m very grateful for the experience,” shared one client.

When asked what her most satisfying aspect of The Peace We Crave is for her, Tanya shared that it is when “someone has an ah-ha moment or has a really great experience during the healing session.”
The Peace We Crave offers both group and individual sessions. To find out more about The Peace We Crave and to book a free discovery call with Tanya, please visit


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