Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital of Hamilton will be hosting a new exhibit, “AgORA: A Collection of Visions,” a photographic series from ten award-winning fine art photographers. The exhibit will run from March 14-May 13 with 24/7 viewing hours so there’s no excuse not to see it!

“AgORA” is the name of a group of local artistic photographers who have met monthly since 2008 to critique each other’s creative and technical skills. Their mission is to encourage each other to find inspiration and to have their work widely shown. Membership is limited to 10 and every member of the group, which is an offshoot of the Princeton Photography Club, is an award-winning photographer.

The meaning behind the name is two-fold. Agora is a Greek word for gathering place. When divided in two, it yields “Ag” which is the chemical symbol for silver, a critical element in the history of photography, and “ORA” which is related to the Hebrew root meaning light, also critical to photography. When no suitable acronym was found to fit the name, the group agreed instead on a visual play of the run-on word, AgatheringOfphotogRAphers. Then they got down to their real work: supporting each other’s artistic growth. They have been at it ever since.

The group has mounted joint shows that included single examples of each member’s work at Gallery 14 in Hopewell and at The Jewish Center in Princeton. The large exhibit space at Lakefront Gallery accommodates a series of work by each artist. This is AgORA’s first show in this format.


The participating artists and their series titles are, David Ackerman (The Poet and The Printer), Valerie Chaucer-Levine (Dynamic Contrasts), Sally Davidson (A Retrospective), Daniel Goldberg (Northeast Corridor, 9:26 AM), Alice Grebanier (The Sounds of Water), Mary Leck (Trekking Coastal Tasmania), Larry Parsons (Dancing Lilies), Bennett Povlow (Big Iron), Maia Reim (Altered States), and Barbara Warren (Winter Woods).

The Lakefront Gallery is a not-for-profit gallery that is dedicated to emerging artists, providing gallery wall space at no fee. It encourages experimentation and creativity without the marketing pressures of a for-profit gallery. Governed only by the quality of the art on exhibit, new photographic art of all kinds is solicited. Ilya Genin is the Director, and Sheila Geisler is the Curator of Lakefront Gallery.

View the entire exhibit anytime. Lakefront Gallery is in the Lakefront Tower of the hospital.

Feature photo credit: Grebanier, The Percussive Drip of a Leaky Faucet

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