Get to know: Anita Williams Galiano for School Board

Anita Williams Galiano

My name is Anita Williams Galiano. I am running for a seat on the Hopewell Valley Regional School District Board of Education as part of the Driver, Gordon, and Williams Galiano slate. As a 20-year resident of Brandon Farms and the mother of two Hopewell Valley CHS alumni (Matthew and Alicia), I have long been a champion for education, wellbeing, character, and leadership development for all our children in the Hopewell Valley.

As background, I hold a BA in Communications with a focus in Organization Design from ​University of Iowa. ​I have a number of professional certifications including a Six-Sigma Black Belt, Leadership Coaching, and Team Development & Leadership. I have built a 30 year career working for a Fortune 100 company as well as working as an entrepreneur.

So much of my experience between consumer healthcare operations and business management has been spent working within, as well as leading teams. I have coached and consulted, honing listening for problems and collaborating for viable solutions within a budget. I have co-led Six-Sigma projects assessing and redesigning product & service delivery systems, much like a school system.

In addition, I have travelled internationally and understand the profound gift we have as a School District and Community, while knowing what it looks like to prepare our children for a global stage. In addition to professional experience, I bring my skills to community work as a workshop facilitator for the national organization, Braver Angels, as well as regionally and locally with a c​ombined team of Local NJ Anti-Racism & Diversity Groups​ (Hopewell Valley Together and the Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition).

​When my relatively young family, with two working parents, moved to the Hopewell Valley, it was a challenge to get connected to the community. With that in mind I became a member of the Stony Brook Elementary School’s first PTO Board and followed that by opening the community arts studio, Laugh, Craft, and Be Well. This work affirmed that our families and our children bind us together as a community.

As a healthcare technology entrepreneur and co-owner of OnPacePlus, I continue to advocate for our collective wellbeing.

My commitment to running for HV School Board is to expand on the vision for the community that collectively advocates for all our children. I am thrilled to represent an active part of our community of stakeholders, including local taxpayers at all stages of life, whether or not they have children attending our schools. I am committed to budgetary accountability and creating an inclusive environment where diverse learners feel physically and emotionally safe.

I invite you to join a weekly Zoom Call to learn more about our slate platform. More information about our slate and details for the weekly Zoom Call is available on our Facebook page @DGWG4HVRSD. For additional communication, email​.

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