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Have you ever… been to Bull’s Island?

by Kim Robinson

Have you ever been to Bull’s Island?  I’m sure many of us have, but have you ever been to Bull’s Island at night?  I’m not sure sure why I like to wander around in the dark; maybe it’s because you can get a completely different perspective on a place when you aren’t quite sure what is making those shadows.

For those unfamiliar with Bulls Island, it’s an 80-acre island just off of Route 29 in Stockton – a playground for hiking, biking, and especially birding.  With miles and miles of trails, Bulls Island is a great spot to watch the Spring migration of many species of bird.  You can also canoe, paddleboard, kayak, and even launch a boat onto the river.

My neighbor and I visited Bull’s Island the other night, mainly to photograph the walking bridge (officially called the Lumberville-Raven Rock pedestrian bridge), built in 1947, which connects Bull’s Island to Lumberville, PA.  If you like architectural photography, this is a great place to go.

It’s also a great place to just take in the river.  The river was fast and strong while we were there, and the rush of the water around the pilon foundations was quite soothing.  With no one else in sight, we took in not only the bridge, but the towering trees, and the darkening landscape.

I wrote last month about the Pumpkin Flood of 1903, and yes, the original covered bridge across this span was destroyed in that flood as well, replaced by the current Roebling-design.  A large American flag is flown on the side of the bridge, hung after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

I will leave you with one of the most amazing views of the bridge (from the Lumberville side) – the reflection of the bridge lights in the river, or should I say in the river of gold. 

All photos in this article copyright © K B Robinson Photography

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