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Hopewell Borough Council proposes traffic changes, hires new administrator

by Angela Fee-Maimon


On November 2, 2023, the Hopewell Borough Council introduced two important traffic ordinances with a first reading. Ordinance 875 will reduce the speed limit to 25 miles per hour on West Broad Street where the speed limit is currently 30 mph, and Ordinance 876 will eliminate turns in any direction on red at the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Broad Street. Outreach is planned to educate residents about the changes before they go into effect. 

The ordinances are a part of a package of other planned changes that the Borough hopes to make if awarded a grant that would add sidewalks where they currently do not exist, add flashing overhead beacons to Princeton Avenue on each side of the elementary school to flash during arrival and dismissal, repaint crosswalks in a way that gives them more visibility, and add more flashing signals at crosswalks like the two currently on Broad Street near Brick Farm Market and Boro Bean. 

Council, the Pedestrian Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee, Mercer County and Borough Engineers, Safe Routes to School, and Mercer County Department of Transportation have worked together to implement these changes, and larger scale traffic calming measures like mini traffic circles at busy intersections on Broad Street and entryways into town, have been proposed for the future at past meetings. 


The Council voted to adopt stormwater ordinances 870 through 873 for Stormwater Control Miscellaneous, Wildlife Feeding Updates, Dumpster Refuse Containers, and Pet Waste to be in compliance with the Department of Environmental Protection. The ordinances state that yard waste must have proper disposal, wild animals may not be fed on Borough properties, and that trash cans and dumpsters must have lids. 

New Borough Administrator hired

The Council approved a motion to hire Doug Walker as the new Borough Administrator. Walker said that he was looking forward to starting his position on December 4 and working with the community. 


The Council made a proclamation for the 2023 Communities of Light to be held on December 3 in Hopewell Borough. Residents are encouraged to participate by purchasing a kit and lighting the candles within their kit outside of their home to raise awareness and hope. 

Heidi Wilenius approached the council to share that the Hopewell Harvest Fair had been a huge success despite being held on the rain date this year. She also shared that kits for Communities of Light were available at her shop, Dandelion Wishes, and at Pennington Quality Market, and that all the proceeds go to benefit Womanspace in Lawrenceville.

Liaison Reports

Council Member Samara Mcauliffe said that she was working on getting a Sustainable New Jersey certification for Hopewell Borough in 2024.

Council Member Debra Stuhler reported that the Shadetree Committee planted five trees in the Fall with the help of the Sourland Conservancy and that Highlands Nursery had made a donation of native trees.

Council Member Krista Weaver said the PBSAC is looking for ways to connect trails to the Borough and to make the Borough more bike-friendly. The Committee is also looking for grants specifically to repair Borough sidewalks that need it. She also reported that said that the high school’s periodic trip to Kenya will be open to adults and businesses next year.

Council Member Ryan Kennedy reported:

  • -he had attended the Mayors’ Meeting who had composed a lovely note for Mayor Anzano on his retirement from office.
  • -the Mental Health First Aid was available and extremely worthwhile for anyone interested.
  • -the Economic Development Committee approved a holiday decorating contest to beautify downtown for the holidays. Local businesses or groups can decorate a tree.
  • -a contract to design the Senior Center behind Shoprite in Pennington has been awarded to an architect. 

Council Member David Mackie said that PFAS was tested again and was at its lowest point so far. He has asked that the case against the Borough be closed because the readings have been good for over a year. 

Council President Sky Morehouse reported:

  • the Borough had a wonderful Halloween Parade.
  • he encouraged people to attend the December meeting to honor the fact it will be Mayor Anzano’s last Council meeting.
  • in response to ever-increasing EMS calls, the Hopewell Fire Station is installing a bunkhouse where volunteers will stay overnight. The bunkhouse was funded by volunteer efforts.
  • the Fire, Emergency, and Medical budget had been approved for the year.

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