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Hopewell Borough discusses well study, Halloween restrictions and website update

by Harry Becker

The Hopewell Borough Council discussed the possibility of a new well in the Borough, Halloween celebrations with social distancing measures applying, and an update to their defunct website at its October meeting.

The Borough Council passed an ordinance allowing for a well study to see if a new well is viable in the Borough, following an uptick in water usage. According to Council member David Mackie, the Borough will be working with local geologists to see if there is a viable site, with this ordinance allowing the Borough to “get their feet wet.”

While the study does not mean a well will be built, Mackie said it was an “acceptable risk” to explore the possibility. Additionally, Mayor Paul Anzano warned to “keep everyone’s expectations in check,” with a potential well still being five to ten years away by his estimates.

Specific locations were not finalized, although the Council expressed interest in an area near St. Michael’s Farm.

The Council announced the Borough’s restrictions for Halloween this year, with social distancing measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus still in place. According to Council member Debra Stuhler, the Borough will allow trick-or-treating but will limit it to porchside and will keep it distanced, suggesting residents put out bowls of candy rather than letting children knock on doors. Standard social distancing measures, such as masks and keeping six feet apart, will also be in place.

“I don’t think my kids will be trick-or-treating this year,” Council member Ryan Kennedy said, but still expressed full support for the Borough’s plan. Kennedy also noted that the Borough will be working on an explanatory video to help demonstrate safe practices.

The Borough Council finally announced a contract with a new IT firm to update their website, which is defunct at the time of this article. The old website, according to Kennedy, was taken offline due to safety concerns, with a potential crypto-mining virus making the site unsafe. However, Kennedy previewed the work-in-progress version of the new site, which will feature easier navigation as well as easier access to Borough codes. There was no official launch date announced, but Kennedy noted that the website is ready and awaiting approval from their consultant.

The next Hopewell Borough Council meeting is scheduled for November 5 at 7pm.

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