How Sitting on Art is Bull

In the wise words of MC Hammer, “U can’t touch this.”

The oxen have been groped, painted and scribbled upon, and tipped. And there’s another thing you can’t do (and then we promise not to write about oxen for a least another week)… Please don’t put your kids on it.

Sure, they’re tempting to ride. And while the Hopewell Valley Arts Council is spreading the message about “art in the everyday,” there is a difference between interacting with art and sitting on it — could you imagine someone putting a child on a sculpture in a museum?

“While we appreciate that children are drawn to these beautiful oxen and many would like to ride them, please respect that they are works of art and encourage them to look, not touch,” Betsy Ackerman, co-President of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council board of trustees, shared with MercerMe.

MercerMe asked for your greatest poses with the oxen that involve NOT SITTING on them (a gentle touch on the nose is okay).

Here’s what you came up with and they are adora-bull:

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And here are my goofy gals:

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There are lots of fun ways to photograph the oxen and it is a chance to express your own creativity. And, for those who insist on still manhandling the oxen, I just beg, “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Them.”

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