HT Public works director details COVID-19 measures

Hopewell Township Director of Public Works George Snyder

In a video released this morning, Hopewell Township Public Works Director George Snyder talks about the measures the department is taking to protect residents and essential Township employees. Click HERE to watch the video. Transcript is as follows:

Hi, I’m George Snyder, Director of Public Works for Hopewell Township. I’d like to discuss public works operations during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

Public Works is focused on providing essential services while prioritizing employee safety. Essential services include maintaining passable roads and we do this by repairing the potholes, removing fallen trees and debris, roadside mowing, and drainage maintenance.

Another essential service is upkeep on the water and sewer systems, plus building maintenance and sanitizing the buildings in support of essential personnel.

For employee safety, each employee is assigned a vehicle – one person per vehicle. The vehicle is sanitized at the end of every shift and you may even see our employees wearing a mask. Employees are on a modified schedule; this is to reduce employee density.

Some services may be postponed and delayed. Please call public works [609-537-0250] or visit the Township website for more information. Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

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