HVCHS art students recognized at statewide events

Eliana Brown, artist

Four Hopewell Valley Central High School (HVCHS) students have been selected to display their work at statewide venues this fall and winter.  

The work of Dylan Kalina, an HVCHS freshman, will be displayed at the Art Educators of NJ (AENJ) Winter Student Exhibition at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in Newark until January 12, 2020. A ceremony honoring her work and that of other students in the exhibition will be held December 8, 2019 at the Victoria Theatre at NJPAC.  

Dylan Kalina, artist

Juniors Kristen McDonough and Eliana Brown both had their work displayed at the New Jersey Education Association Convention held earlier this month in Atlantic City.

Kristen McDonough, artist

Senior Sullivan Meyer’s painting was displayed at the fall AENJ exhibition.

Sullivan Meyer with his artwork

Art teacher Lora Durr, who is in her second year teaching at HVCHS after 17 years in the Hamilton school district, explained that the AENJ is a professional organization that gives art teachers across the State an opportunity to see how each other are teaching and to share their students’ work with the public. According to its website, aenj.org, the organization provides grants, continuing education and conferences for teachers as well as contests for current students and scholarships for graduating students, including for HVCHS’ Meredith Taggert in 2019.

Opportunities for recognition by the AENJ are open to New Jersey students in grades k-12

At HVCHS, Durr said that she enjoys teaching a variety of study-levels starting with an art fundamentals class through advanced placement studio art. She said that, while she may give a student a gentle nudge to suggest they submit their work for consideration by the AENJ, usually that is not needed. 

“I just toss out the opportunity,” she explained, “and they take it.”

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