Lawrence Township Public Schools: New Board Member Named and New Cardinal Logo Unveiled

    From a pool of eight applicants, the Lawrence Schools’ Board of Education (BOE) selected Michele Bowes to fill the remaining two years of Glen Collins’ seat at last night’s BOE meeting. Unchosen applicants were encouraged by Board President, Kevin Van Hise, to run in the November elections where four more seats will be available.

    Additionally, the haphazard use of differing cardinal logos throughout Lawrence Township Public Schools has come to an end. A new logo was unveiled by Ms. Alyson Fischer, Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics, with help from the district mascot.

    Students, administrators, teachers, coaches, and parents evaluated various possible logos throughout the selection process until one was unanimously agreed upon. Students and staff can look forward to its appearance on district banners, gyms, clothing, and the new turf field.

    It’s presumed that selection of an official logo may affect job security for the current district mascot. Due to the bird’s obvious lack of a functioning mouth, a traditional interview was impossible. However, when asked whether s/he was worried about a possible fallout, the cardinal simply picked up its iPhone and sent the tweet: “What will be, will be.” A zen saying for a zen bird.

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