Letter to the Editor: Blake is best choice to shape future of Hopewell Township

To the Editor:

In the internet age, it is worth asking whether the influence of shadowy social media memes and reality TV histrionics are eroding the foundations of American democracy. Can a constitutional system designed to better itself through reason and clear thinking survive the zealous shouters and doubters who seek to dominate our public debates?

In Hopewell Township, a handful of dogged critics, certain of their views but unburdened by the responsibilities of governing, demonstrates nothing but the ability to attack the way things are. Distorting reality makes for easy arguments; constructive contributions to local policy-making takes a lot more work.

Fortunately, Hopewell Township voters have the opportunity this year to return Democrat Julie Blake to the Township Committee, where she has served admirably for the last three years. Blake has shown, again and again, that she listens carefully, gathers facts, explores alternatives, and decides responsibly.

If you want an adult in the room as the Hopewell Township Committee conducts its business, re-elect Julie Blake on November 6. Julie Blake is your best choice to shape the future of Hopewell Township.


David Sandahl,
Hopewell Township

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