Letters to the Editor: Week of November 2, 2017 (Part 2)

The following is Part 2 of letters recently submitted to the editor of MercerMe:

Two Letters in Support of Sawicki for HVRSD BOE

I am writing in support of Adam Sawicki Jr. for Hopewell Valley school board. As a STEM professional, parent and concerned citizen, I appreciate Mr. Sawicki’s balanced approach. His support for the establishment of STEM and performing arts magnet programs, consistency in curriculum and instruction, and increasing access to AP and honor classes have all strengthen our schools. Keeping budgets in check while ensuring that our children have the necessary technologies, the most qualified instructors and the supports to provide every child with a learning environment that meets their individual needs is not an easy task. Adam Sawicki works every day on our behalf to accomplish these tasks.

And most importantly, I support Adam because I know he genuinely cares about our schools and our community. He has demonstrated this by helping to increasing the number and diversity of extra-curricular opportunities while at the same time shaping the homework policy so our children can balance school, extra-curricular activities and life.  I have joined him many times in cheering on our children at swim meets. I watched as he helped his younger children with their homework while cheering on his older two children. He is a warm caring father, with the experience and creative ideas we need on our school board. Please join me and my family in voting for Mr. Adam Sawicki.

Jacqueline Genovesi, Ph.D., Hopewell Township (Titusville)

I am Krishna Kusupudi who lives in Pennington and works in Pennington at Bristol Myers Squibb. In the past, I have volunteered at PFAS (Pennington First Aid Squad) as an EMT as well.  I have known Adam Sawicki for a long time and our kids are growing up together. He is a nice dad, and he always comes to all his kids’ games. Also, my wife being homeroom parent in the past, we know Adam’s family very well. I have noticed him being very friendly and positive with all the parents. So many good things happened at HVRSD since he is been a member of the school board. Some of the things that directly helped us were helping more students take AP and honors courses, having guidelines on homework, starting new sports teams and clubs, and having work start on fixing and improving our school buildings. My family and I are very happy to fully support his petition for re-election to the Hopewell Valley Regional School District Board of Education.

Krishna M Kusupudi, Hopewell Township (Pennington)


In Support of Ruger for Hopewell Township Committee (by long-time Hopewell Township resident, his wife Theresa Vogler)

Hopewell Township has been home for me since I was a child, even when I pursued my career elsewhere. In 1998, I had the chance to move back to the farm where I grew up with my parents, Ed and June Vogler. Joining me were my husband, Michael Ruger, and my son. Hopewell Township has changed a lot since the 1960s, but it still remains a wonderful place to live. My mother moved to the Four Seasons section of Brandon Farms, where she lived until she died in 2012.  Michael’s mother moved to Hopewell Township several years ago.

When I was growing up in Hopewell Township, sports were pretty much limited to the athletically talented. For the rest of us, there wasn’t much to do unless our parents or an older sibling or friend drove us, often a significant distance. This was a challenge for those of us with two working parents. That’s one of the reasons I support a community center.  A community center isn’t just a place for athletics, although that is one important use. It’s also a place to come together to play, to learn, to engage with our community. There aren’t a lot of public spaces for these things. If you go to the Mercer County Library after school or in the evenings, you see how much need there is for such places. Michael supports building a community center. Many people talk about getting things done. Michael is not just words – he will make it happen within the budget and on time.

Michael understands the challenges facing our community. He knows that keeping taxes under control is critical to maintaining affordability for us. Through his work on the Finance Advisory Board, he understands everything that goes into our municipal budget (and what doesn’t, which includes school and county taxes). He will be a watchdog against unbridled spending. He will make sure we have the services we need.

Because of my mother and his own mother, Michael understands the challenges of senior living in a largely rural community. Aging in place has challenges here that are different that those living in an urban or suburban community. That’s why he supports a community center which would include dedicated spaces and services for seniors.

Many people are all talk and like to tell the world about their accomplishments.  Michael isn’t comfortable talking about his accomplishments, although they are impressive.  Michael listens to others and acts.  He is not about self-promotion.  Michael is hard-working and always looks out for other people. He is a creative thinker, and develops creative solutions to problems. Michael does it quietly so he often isn’t credited, but it gets done. Those qualities will serve us well in Hopewell Township. He is not running for Hopewell Township Committee for himself. He is running for all of us.  There is no one I would rather trust with protecting our quality of life here in Hopewell Township, by fighting the pipeline and uncontrolled development.

Please join me in voting for Michael Ruger on November 7.

Theresa M. Vogler, Hopewell Township


Questions for Republican Candidates

Once the Republican candidates began speaking to the voters directly after weeks of silence, instead of through surrogates, they began to portray themselves as protectors of Hopewell Township’s environment. Since both are inexperienced in local issues, I assume that if they win, John Hart will be the mayor.

I have a few questions for the Republican candidates who would be part of a Hart administration.

First, do you think there should be a truck stop at Pennytown? John Hart does. He said so in a Township Committee meeting. He complained that “his men” had to drive to Ringoes to fill up his trucks. Wow. Wonder what the neighbors think about that one. (Source: 10/24/16 Hopewell Township Committee meeting)

Second, do you think there is too much open space in Hopewell Township? John Hart does. He has said so in Township Committee meetings and in Agricultural Advisory Committee meetings. (Sources: 1/27/14 Hopewell Township Committee meeting and many other meetings since then; 9/5/17 Agricultural Advisory Committee)

Third, do you accept the science that clearly demonstrates global warming? John Hart does not.  Again, he said so in a Township Committee meeting (notice a pattern here?). I have never heard of a climate change denier who is also an environmentalist.  (Source: 7/10/17 Hopewell Township Committee meeting)

Fourth, do you think we should negotiate with PennEast over the pipeline? Guess who does—that’s right, John Hart. He said so after last year’s election. (Source: 11/28/16 Hopewell Township Committee meeting)

If the Republicans are elected, John Hart would be leading the Township — and his backward, anti-environmental views would become our reality.

I plan to vote for Mayor Kevin Kuchinski and Michael Ruger for Hopewell Township Committee.  I know they will not allow Pennytown to become a truck stop, will continue the Township’s efforts to protect open space and preserved farmland, accept the reality of climate change, and will never negotiate to allow a pipeline to cross the Township.

Bruce Gunther, Hopewell Township (Brandon Farms)

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