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Letters to the Editor: Week of October 25, 2019

by Mary Galioto

The following are letters to the editor submitted during the week of October 25, 2019:

We need a more constructive dialogue: Mayor McLaughlin’s letter to the editor last week should have everyone asking two questions. First, why did she not mention Hopewell Township’s budget increase this year, under her watch, of 4.68%? The answer is obvious. To continue reading, click here.

John, Don, and a better option: There’s a municipal election in Hopewell Township on November 5, and it’s a chance to speak up for the values we’re all told are at stake at the top of the ticket in 2020. Aren’t we tired of the way the president treats those who don’t agree with him, and of the entanglements between business and governance? To continue reading, click here.

Support for McLaughlin and Peters-Manning: I am writing to voice my support for Mayor Kristin McLaughlin and Courtney Peters-Manning for Hopewell Township Committee. To continue reading, click here.

Towards a better balance: I decided to run for Hopewell Township Committee because I believe that our local government must be more responsive to those who live here, and to our local environment. To continue reading, click here.

Support for John Hart and Ed Jackowski: Does anyone else feel we are being told by Mayor McLaughlin that we should all just be happy with a 4.68% municipal tax increase?  To do this, she erroneously compares a tax increase to a spending level of the 2015 Republican-led Committee budget, telling us her spending is still below that mark. To continue reading, click here.

Facts Matter – A Response to Lester: I would like to take an opportunity to clarify the facts, as they relate to Hopewell Township’s budget, and also to respond to a recent letter to the editor by Harvey Lester. First, Hopewell’s 2019 municipal budget decreased core operating expenditures by -3.04% vs. 2018 as we continue to do more with less. And 2019 spending remains well below 2015 levels. Mr. Lester likes to blame his 2015 budget increase on the Public Works fire, but even after accounting for one-time costs, net spending in 2015 increased +8.99% year-over-year. To continue reading, click here.

Support for John Mason and Bill Herbert: I am writing to voice my support for John Mason and Bill Herbert to be Hopewell Township’s newest members of the HVRSD Board of Education. I first met John Mason when he coached one of my sons in the HVSA recreational soccer program almost ten years ago. In carrying out this often thankless task, John demonstrated a focus and determination to bring out the best in his players. To continue reading, click here.

Peters-Manning on the environment: I am Courtney Peters-Manning, and I am running for Hopewell Township Committee to be a force for environmental preservation, maintaining our rural character, and limiting development. I currently serve on the boards of FoHVOS and the Lawrence Hopewell Trail, and I understand that our open space and natural beauty is one of Hopewell Township’s biggest assets. To continue reading, click here.

Endorsement Letter for Jess Grillo: As a resident of Hopewell Borough, I offer my full personal endorsement of Jess Grillo as an important voice that needs to be included on the Hopewell Valley School Board. Jess represents a new generation of families in Hopewell Borough that are actively investing in our community. To continue reading, click here.

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