LTE: Hopewell Borough Democratic Primary Candidate Endorsement for Krista Weaver

To the Editor:

I write to support the candidacy of Krista Weaver for Hopewell Borough Council, a thoughtful person who will focus on maintaining and improving our quality of life in the Borough and strengthening the inclusivity of our shared lives. For example, she has the active interest to persevere in shepherding through what is needed on an everyday basis to calm our streets so children walking to school, cyclists pedaling through town and strollers just walking down to the park are safe. Anyone who has walked along Broad, Princeton, North Greenwood, Lafayette, Model or Hart streets knows that vehicular traffic needs to be calmed and controlled. I personally knew the woman who was killed last year simply riding her bike on Broad Street. We are a close enough community that most everyone knows someone in town who has been affected by some traffic incident. 

Krista has pledged to maintain an open discourse with us – the community – not just to attend the Council meetings and to vote on an issue.  She is not a member of the old-guard, the rear-guard or the new guard, but a mother who shares our interests in an inclusive and safe community. VOTE for WEAVER in the upcoming primary. 

Cynthia O’Connor, 
Hopewell Borough

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