LTE: In support of Ed”Jack” Jackowski

Dear Editor:

As an Asian-American teen who has lived in Brandon Farms for numerous years, I am proud to offer my support and to urge my fellow residents to vote for Ed “Jack” Jackowski this coming Tuesday.

Jack is a proud Hopewell resident of over 40 years now and a former marine who cares deeply about our community. Jack knows what is best for the future of Hopewell Township and will offer a wise voice of reason to balance out the Hopewell Township Committee. 

Our current town committee is stacked with Democrats– 5 Democrats out of 5 available positions, meaning that anything they “do” is just under the direction of the Hopewell Township Democratic Committee. James Madison once said, “In Republics, the great danger is, that the majority may not sufficiently respect the rights of the minority” Currently, there is no minority; Independents, Republicans, and some Democrats have to take whatever the unelected Hopewell Township Democratic Committee gives the Hopewell Town Committee. One example of this? The fact that the town committee still has virtual meetings while most if not all of the other Mercer County equivalents are in-person. 

A vote for Jackowski is a vote for balance. A vote for Jackowkski is a vote for lower taxes. A vote for Jackowski is a vote to make Hopewell OUR Hopewell again.  

A fellow concerned citizen, 

Joshua Jen

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