LTE: Local Elections Matter, Don’t Sit This One Out

To the Editor:

You may be tempted to sit out the upcoming election November 5 because there is not a “big name” candidate on the ticket. However, there are two local candidates who would be immensely positive for Hopewell Township and they are Mayor Kristin McLaughlin and Courtney Peters-Manning.

These two women consistently show their dedication to our Township by working tirelessly to protect us from an unwanted and unneeded pipeline and improving the quality of life in the Valley through preserving open space and expanding our trail network. Mayor McLaughlin also has demonstrated her commitment to keeping municipal taxes low with a 2019 budget that is below 2015 spending! Local elections matter! 

I believe that Courtney Peters-Manning and Mayor Kristin McLaughlin will act in my and our best interest on all issues that comes before Hopewell Township. I endorse them both and urge you to get out and vote for them on Nov. 5.  

Linda Rogers,

Hopewell Township

Rogers is a member of the Hopewell Township Zoning Board but writes as an individual resident.

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