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LTE: Peters-Manning Candidate for Hopewell Twp Committee supports open space

by Community Contributor

To the Editor:

I am Courtney Peters-Manning, and I am running for Hopewell Township Committee. With all of the issues facing our Township, a robust system to inform and listen to the public is critical. It is government’s responsibility to keep the public informed and to facilitate public input on major decisions. I would like to share with you my plan to increase the Committee’s public engagement.

I have already begun advocating for changes. When I served on the Open Space and Recreation Plan subcommittee, I insisted that we conduct an online survey to get public input before making any recommendations.  Further, at the September 16 Township Committee meeting, I suggested that the Committee require developers with pending applications at the Planning Board to post signs on their property, alerting neighbors about where they could get more information about potential development. All Planning Board application materials are available on the Township website, but that is not enough.  We need a way to proactively make sure that the public is informed.

I am a communicator by nature.  As a member of the Township Committee, I would hold office hours, and I would make more use of video, text messaging, and social media. I would see to it that the Township newsletter is published more frequently, and I would create an electronic edition.  Finally, I pledge to proactively spread the word about potentially controversial topics that are coming before the Committee.  I also welcome suggestions about how you want to receive information.  I can be reached at [email protected].

Courtney Peters-Manning,

Candidate for Hopewell Township Committee

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