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LTE: Purandare is the responsible choice

by Community Contributor

To the Editor,

I was flabbergasted that the Republican candidate for Hopewell Township Committee refused to answer questions about his platform for the special election issue of Hopewell Express. For those who missed it, he claimed that “he was too busy to fill out the questionnaire.” That is baloney. 

Everybody in Hopewell Township needs two responsible political parties. Everybody deserves two parties that nominate accessible and transparent leaders. Everybody deserves two candidates who respect our residents enough to work hard for their votes. 

Year in and year out, the Republicans nominate candidates who reject the voters’ right to know. If this is their approach to campaigning, what kind of Hopewell will they give everyone else.

Uma Purandare, the Democratic candidate, has been honest and forthright. She respects voters. The public knows what she thinks, and she cares what the public thinks as well.

Please join me in electing Uma to Hopewell Township Committee on November 2nd.  She is the only responsible choice.

Thank you, 

Bill Crerand

Hopewell Township

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