LTE: Response from Pennington Dem Committee Chair

To the Editor:

We appreciate that you reported our response to the questions you asked me. We are bothered by Chico’s P.S. in which he refers to us doing something improper in not listing our funding for the flyers we have produced.  (see below)

Just to be certain, we pursued this question today with ELEC – the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission.  One of our committee members called ELEC and confirmed that the Democratic Committee candidates do not need to file with ELEC and are not covered by their rules.   

found in (see screen shot below)

Therefore, our committee members would appreciate it if you could publish a statement to this effect which clarifies that Chico’s “threat” to “report us” has no basis in actual election rules.  Leaving the article as written could give the impression that Chico has a valid point, which he does not.

Thank you,
Nadine Stern on behalf of the Pennington Democratic Committee

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