LTE: Support Krista Weaver for Hopewell Borough Council

Nenad Stojkovic, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

To the Editor:

I write to urge all Hopewell Borough Democrats to support Krista Weaver for Borough Council in next month’s primary.

As we are learning, there are differences among the three candidates that could impact our town and our quality of life.

I first knew of Krista through her comments and questions at (virtual) Borough Council meetings. She made sure she got her point across and question out respectfully despite some hostility from council.

I first met Krista when she stuck her hand up to be part of our ad-hoc Hopewell Traffic Safety group, that was formed after a cyclist was killed last May at Broad St. and Princeton Ave. Krista had many great suggestions but she was also a good listener since she wasn’t a cyclist. She did her homework and after every meeting she would come back with options and suggestions and ideas how other New Jersey towns had addressed these concerns. We have had many meetings with a very diverse cross section of our community participating at one time or another. That group has now morphed into an official Borough Council advisory committee. Krista is now chairman of that committee.

Krista’s goals for this committee and on Borough Council are to make Hopewell a more walkable town; to make crossing the street easier and safer; to encourage more kids to be able to walk or ride their bikes to the gem of an elementary school. And when walking and crossing the street becomes easier and safer, its better for everyone and that includes all our “downtown” businesses, their customers, residents, joggers, , strollers, walkers, disabled persons and cyclists of all levels.

 Thanks for reading and considering Krista Weaver for Hopewell Borough Council. 

Michael Gray,
Owner of Sourland Cycles in Hopewell Borough

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