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Meet MercerMe: How to Submit News and Events

by Mary Galioto

Are you curious about how news is gathered and published? Do you want to share an event or news tip with MercerMe? As your local news source in the Hopewell Valley, we rely on contributions from community members like you to keep our readers informed. Here’s how you can submit your news and events to us:

Submitting a News Tip

Have something important to share? Send us an email at [email protected] with your tip. Our purpose is to cover local news and events that matter to you.

Submitting a Press Release

If you have a concise (300-500 word) press release announcing an event or news story, email it to [email protected]. We cannot guarantee that every press release will be published, but we will respond to let you know. It is really helpful if you include a high resolution (at least 1200 x 675 pixels) image with your release.

Submitting an Event

MercerMe’s community calendar is a great way to highlight upcoming events in Hopewell Valley. If you are part of a non-commercial organization and have an event that fits our community calendar guidelines, you can submit the details and a photo by clicking: https://mercerme.com/events/community/add Please be patient as the submission will not appear immediately because it needs to be approved. Please do not submit sales/promotions, the same event more than once, or consecutive multi-day events (with some exceptions, but no classes/camps).

Support Your Local News Source

MercerMe is dedicated to keeping the Hopewell Valley community informed about important news and events. We rely on contributions from community members like you to help us achieve this goal. If you appreciate our work, please consider supporting us by becoming a subscriber or just leave us a “tip” in our tip jar. Every little bit helps us to continue providing you with the news you need.

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MercerMe is the only hyperlocal, independent, online news outlet serving Hopewell Valley in Mercer County, New Jersey.

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